During a recent interview, Malcolm Dawes and reporter Amber Sherlock discuss the best piece of advice he could give a client. Malcolm believes that the best answer to that question involves understanding the people in a workplace.


Amber: What would you say is the single best piece of advice that you’d give to your clients?

Malcolm: The single best piece of advice, I guess, really is to understand each other, to get people to understand each other. I had a client just very recently who all of a sudden dawned on him that what he had been doing wasn’t necessarily the right thing. And he came back into the room when I was having a meeting with him and he said, it’s just dawned on me. I need to understand people. I said, I’ve been telling you that for six months now. We’ve made great headway into the work that we were doing, but it was the, it was the dawning realisation to him that now I understand why this person behaves the way they do and this person behaves the way they do.

And equally as importantly, the way I behave towards them as well. And so, you know, if there was to be one phrase, it would be understand how to work with each other.