Sales Team Performance


Sales professionals are required to deal with all kinds of clients. Creating effective interactions with clients is the key to sales professionals achieving and sustaining high levels of performance.

How can you ensure that your sales professionals are capable of creating successful interactions with all clients in a way that guarantees high levels of performance?

salesFLEX reveals the secrets to maximising sales outcomes. If you want your sales professionals to make a positive impact on a wider range of clients and build successful interactions that result in increased business, they need to learn to:

  • Recognise client buying styles
  • Identify what motivates clients to buy and how to influence them
  • Understand the strengths and weaknesses of interaction behaviour preferences
  • Adapt behaviour when interacting with clients
  • Manage when the interaction goes off track and tension rises

Clients are unique and have different needs and priorities. Understanding the perception of others is critical to improving sales performance. This program offers proven ways to deal more effectively with every client.

Key audience

This program applies to:

  • Face to face sales professionals
  • Telephone sales professionals
  • Team selling
  • Selling through third parties

salesFLEX includes an Interaction Profile (IP) that measures five behaviours critical to performance. This instrument allows participants to understand how others perceive them and enables more effective interaction with a wider range of clients.

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