Leadership Performance

assessing leadership EFFECTIVENESS

Effective leadership ensures that successful performance-focussed organisations attract and retain high achievers who are aligned with business objectives.

How can you determine the effectiveness of leaders in your organisation?


enables organisations to measure the critical capabilities and competencies of leaders.

LEADS is used in organisations worldwide to:

  • Increase leadership effectiveness for people in all leadership positions
  • Identify individual leaders’ strengths and opportunities for development
  • Measure the behaviourally anchored capabilities & competencies critical to high performance leadership
  • Provide invaluable data to leaders about what they are doing right and what they need to change
  • Increase organisational performance and profitability

LEADS is a diagnostic tool developed as a result of an extensive two year study of the critical behaviours that result in effective leadership.

LEADS provides perception measures from self and others in a comprehensive personal feedback and development guide plus a composite report for the client organisation.

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