Malcolm Dawes and Amber Sherlock of TV’s Nine News discuss his early career and transition from a nurse into the pharma industry, then from sales into training and a passion for helping businesses manage personality dynamics.


Amber: Can you share with our audience a little bit about your story and success that you’ve had in your career?

Malcolm: Yes. I started my career as a nurse actually for eight years back in the UK. And I realised I wasn’t going to get any further in that career for all sorts of different reasons, I’ve moved into the pharmaceutical industry. It was there in various different roles and an outsourcing, which was outsourcing to the Pharma Industry. So I did sales, marketing, and training. And that’s really where my passion has been for a long time. Came to Australia in 2000 with an organisation I worked for in the UK. And again did a couple of different roles, but primarily, in that learning and development space, which is again, when I was able to continue my passion of helping people in the learning space. And then 2003, I went back to the UK as a franchise partner of DTA worldwide, which is the business that I now run. And that’s been going since 1982 but I bought it back in 2008 and continue to work with organisations on that sort of training and development front.